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Brian M. Ricci & the attorneys at Ricci Law Firm know the ins and outs of worker’s comp. With over 30 years of combined experience representing North Carolina folks in workers compensation claims our, competent, aggressive lawyers represent clients throughout North Carolina including Raleigh/Durham, and the Eastern Coast of the State. Ricci Law lawyers regularly handle legal proceedings related to:

  • Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Workers' Compensation Benefits
  • Workers' Compensation Injuries or Illnesses
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workers Comp

Understanding Workers' Compensation

Worker’s compensation laws are in place to protect Americans who are injured, disabled or killed on the job. This means workers may be covered regardless of who causes the accident—an employee, employer, coworker, customer or other third party. 

State coverage: When employees are hurt or disabled in a workplace accident, they are entitled to medical expense coverage and wage replacement. This state-mandated insurance program typically eliminates the need for litigation. Workers’ compensation also provides benefits for dependents when an employee is killed from a tragic on-the-job accident or illness.

Workers' Compensation
Here are some of the most common questions surrounding workers’ compensation, or workmans’ comp.

Are all employees covered by workers' compensation?

Is every on-the-job accident covered by workers' compensation?

What kinds of bills should workers' compensation cover?

What are grounds for suing an employer over a workplace accident?

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